Full Blossom II

Exposition "Klimainfarkt", Kunstraum Egg, Zurich, CH

The installation is a screen playing the video "In Full Blossom #ll" built into its polystyrene packaging material. Underneath it is a plain bedside table, also made from the polystyrene packaging material. On the table is a formless silicone breast prosthesis, which can represent many things, for example, a spare part, packaging or the breast, as a symbol of Mother Earth.

The video shows how the insects live on and around the plastic flowers (bladder-senna) in an alpine meadow with a panoramic view of the Valais mountains, in Belalp, CH.

Table on Polystyrol, 70 x 46 x 35 cm. Screen /Frame on Polystyrol, 72 x 50 x35 cm

Photo © Thomas Andenmatten Brig, Ch 

Video © Samuel Dématraz, Ch