This Artwork is inspired by everyday life and its inherent inconspicuous morphism. My interests and research focus on the emergence of forms and their transformation, which I pick out as a central theme for my small and large-scale artificial creations.

Art project: reVISITed

This art project delves deeper into the genesis and interpretation of the Objets Cultes, asking how they can create a new dimension and what they can achieve when seen from a different perspective on a large scale. When the size ratios are shifted, the "scaled up" version shifts the process of recognition into a whole new direction. The sculptures take on a new meaning and the connotation of element and material plays out on a macro scale. For example, an element of a microfiber Venetian blind duster can become a carpet, car washer; a doorknob can turn into the spare part of a high-tech machine; a sheep’s hoof can be transformed into a part for a motorcycle chassis.

The process goes from being a "hand dialogue" to a "body dialogue". As a result, there is a different kind of estrangement from the strange!

I see myself playing the role of a curious art researcher in the process of identifying what shifts when something is presented "scaled up". Exploration through the scaling of proportions is a technique used in many fields of science.

"Perhaps somewhere inside of me I am trying to appease this longing for the little everyday things that lie dormant, unseen in the small Objets Cultes to be recognised, by giving them a stronger role to play on a large scale, thereby breaking the chain between our spontaneous judgement of a rag for cleaning Venetian blinds and the sanitary function it serves..."

(Maria Ceppi, March 2021)

Schwammdorn, 3000 x 1384 x 790 mm, Limewood, Concrete, Foam

Photo © Thomas Andenmatten Brig, Ch

Hurdle, 1750 x 928 x 411 mm, Limewood, Metal, Rubber

Photo © Thomas Andenmatten Brig, Ch